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Selling through us

Join suppliers and their authorized channels that have an easy, convenient way to drive sales growth, reach new customers and manage inventory by listing on

You benefit from listing your available to ship inventory through us because:

  • Partnering with cPunto is completely free.
  • Your inventory becomes visible to millions of buyers already shopping on
  • Your products with small values are not eliminated, replaced or substituted from your customer’s bill of materials because of excessive administrative or freight costs.
  • We help you reach new potential customers, which was impossible before and we are proud to be your partner.

After engaging with a supply partner, cPunto publishes the available to ship inventory on and manages all customer interface and payment transactions. All sales are final with cPunto collecting payment from the customer and assuming all risk. No payment is ever due from our supply partners. At the time of the sale, cPunto collects a small fee for consolidation service. Your online sale price stays intact.

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