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About us (cPunto Inc.)

Who is cPunto Inc.
We are a passionate group of developers and industry experts. Our mission is to help our customers find and consolidate in one shipment electronic components they need, at competitive prices.

Why choose us?

Because we save you time and money. Get rid of multiple shipments, multiple vendors, and multiple bills. Take control of all those nuisances with one contact- cPunto.

Why work with us?

cPunto is not a broker. We are a marketplace and consolidator of your shipments. We list only inventory from component manufactures and their authorized channels. We guarantee our products as all shipments are fully traceable. We offer full manufacturer’s warranty or cPunto warranty on all shipped products.

We are global.

You can trust that we have customer service agents all over the globe. You can email, Skype, call or reach us on any messenger whether it’s WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram or the one of your choice- 24/7, 365.

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